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Teamwork Nz protest timeline

This is the timeline of Nz protest. The Year 7 & 8 extension group were assigned a random protest and were told to write the date on it and research it.

After we were all done we had to line them up from oldest to newest protest. I got the springbok protest, once we had finished we had to write the date on the slides here and put them in order.

what I found challenging was putting them in order because I had to memorise their names and dates and put them in the correct place.

I hope I could look more into the springbok protest because it seems very interesting and I did not learn much about it.

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About me

Maingalarpar မင်္ဂလာပါ My name is Salem and I am a yr 7 at Pt England School. My hobbies are playing games and spending time with my family. My favourite food is KFC and my favourite movie to watch is Shrek. My favorite sport is probably Football AKA Soccer. That is it for my about me so I hope you like it and please leave a positive comment.

Extension Project

Hello this is my extension project so far its not done yet but this is pretty good.

Our extension project is special because we year 5/6 extension have a chance to help design future bridges in New Zealand.

We are working with Waka kotahi  A Nz transport agency. This is a great opportunity for kids to participate in Nz further transport ways.

What I did in this design is add a roof so that when there is traffic you at least have some shade. Every thing else is pretty normal for a bridge.\

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