Year: 2022

Response to text: Antarctica.

Antarctica – Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.


Antarctica is a continent


1) Antarctica is the [……….?] most continent. 

  1. a) Northernmost b) Southernmost MY ANSWER
  2. c) Easternmost d) Westernmost


2) Antarctica surrounds the north pole.

  1. a) True b) False MY ANSWER


3) What does the name Antarctica mean? 

  1. a) Ant Country b) South Country
  2. c) Ice Country d) Opposite to the Arctic MY ANSWER


No Countries


4) How many countries are there in the continent of Antarctica? 

  1. a) 23 b) 7
  2. c) 1 d) 0 MY ANSWER


5) How many countries claim different parts of Antarctica? 

  1. a) 23 b) 7
  2. c) 1 d) 0 MY ANSWER


6) What language do Native Antarctic people speak?

  1. a) English b) Antarcticguese
  2. c) Antarcticish d) None of the above MY ANSWER


Ice Ice Baby


7) What percentage of Antarctica is covered in a giant ice sheet? 

  1. a) 90% b) 4,776%
  2. c) 98% d) 2%


8) What does an Antarctic Oasis mean? 

  1. a) An area without ice b) A band
  2. c) A lake d) A video game


Daylight for Six Months


9) How long does it stay dark in Antarctica 

  1. a) 12 hours b) 12 months
  2. c) 6 weeks d) 6 months


10) What two seasons does Antarctica have?  

  1. a) Spring and Summer b) Winter and more winter
  2. c) Summer and Winter d) Trick question (there are 4 seasons)

What it means to be an a extension student?

What is this extension group? its a place for those who have done well acedemicly to group up and push ourselves harder and learn more things. we learn things we dont usually do in class. to be in this group is really hard work to do but its also super fun to do. the work is challenging and very hard to complete a task one time we had to make a video about the americas cup but it took us a whole term to finish it. anyways it such prevelige to be in this  and i will treasure this forever.

Secret mission – Litrecay writing.

I woke up one morning due to the sound of my phone ringing and so then I tried to find my phone swinging my hand out sluggishly and picked up the phone. It was my boss he needed me in a secret mission. So i hopped outta my bed and tiredly went to my bathroom to get ready. I suited up and headed to the secret agent facility quickly. After we discussed things, I was feeling so alive and energetic, it felt like I could lift a building. So then I went into my flashy car and drove off like a missile and went to the assigned location.

Me and my partner were driving down a steep mountain and then BOOM!!!!!! There was a big 50 ton tank heading straight for us. I was so shocked when it fired at us but it missed, we sped up almost crashing a couple times. But then the tank sped up and caught up to us in no time, but then a light bulb just went in my head if i crash into the tank to slow it down or possibly stop it, we could escape and then right when we would crash i would jump onto my partners car.

So then I slowed down a little bit and when I was in perfect trajectory I turned the car crashing into the tank and then with all the courage I had, all the  force in my body was being put into my leg, I leaped and landed on my partners car and saved our lives. After this me and my friends celebrated completing the mission of taking back our dear old friend from being brainwashed into a super cold ruthless killer back to the agent facility, we partied all night celebrating the return of our friend.

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