Day: July 6, 2022

MOTAT Thank you letter.

→ Hello KPMG

My name is Salem and I am a year 6 at Point England School. Last week on Monday my class went to MOTAT. We are writing this letter to thank you for taking care of us and leading us in the right direction.

 My favourite part of MOTAT was the secret of the whisper because you could whisper into this little hole and it would rebound off this bowl shaped metal and you could hear it from like 10 metres away. Another thing I enjoyed was the telephone. I liked dialling the other telephones and calling my friends and saying silly things and hanging up at random times. 

I really appreciate you for helping us at MOTAT because you were kind and It was really funny when I called Lovepreet and had a chat. I liked how our group got to come with you because you listened to each one of us equally and not just focused on one person’s idea.


Thanks, Regards




Last week Room 8 and 7 went to MOTAT to learn about coding and other stuff. It was really fun and exciting.