Day: May 13, 2022

Opinion writing

The reason why videogames are good for kids is because it can help you be more social and not to be shy so that you can not be shy but instead confident. But the downside is you can get addicted and studies have shown that videogames do have the same addiction process as drugs. You will have the same addiction to video games like drug addicts do to drugs. 

Another upside is that your mind will adapt and will be able to be strategic and come up with bright ideas and you will also be able to use critical thinking a lot more than usual. 

But your addiction may cause you to perhaps not listen to your parents and then they will have to take it away for a period/maybe break it  so that your addiction will finally start to fade away. It also can relieve stress or if you’re bored you can just get on a video game or just watch your device in general.  But i would not recommend you to spend the whole day on it or pull an all-nighter eating chips and play videogames. Our average screen time is 7 HOURS and imagine people looking at screens for 10 hours or more.

It also can make you dream on some false reality because in some games it takes 4 – 10 bullets to kill a person but in real life it only takes one of the bullets for you to be asleep forever.  The thing is they don’t respawn or come back to life they’re gone forever you might think that headshots are pretty cool but in this reality that we live in it’s horrifying to look at it. Yeah it is fun but it can make you do some crazy bad habits like skipping school or not listening to your parents and there are a lot more than that. So i think that it should not be allowed but it would still be fun to do!